Attorney Angela D. Cunningham


With a law degree from Northwestern University School of Law and a Master of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I am passionate about providing holistic criminal defense services. I have significant trial experience as a former prosecutor at the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office, experience which allows me to zealously advocate for clients. And between volunteer work and previous employment in social and nonprofit legal services, I have more than 12 years experience working and building relationships in the community. My trial skills and community connections allow me to fight for justice on behalf of clients inside and outside the courtroom. 

Visit my LinkedIn page for more information about my skills, experience and community involvement.

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 "Angela Cunningham is a smart and compassionate woman. Great lawyer and human being. "  

~Marybeth Sanfransky Zuhlke~

" Angela is kind, compassionate, and very wise. You'd want her on your side."

~Tamarra Coleman~

"Angela is a bundle of energy who has the answers! She makes a difference wherever she goes because she cares enough to get her hands dirty, and she has the brains to accomplish what she sets out to do.  

~Guida Brown~

" Angela is an exemplar for intelligence, hard work, dedication and creative problem solving. In my dual capacities as a community programs manager and college instructor, Angela stands out as one of the best and most successful individuals I've had the pleasure to work with. She is ambitious, conscientious to a fault, and always goes the extra mile to ensure things are done not just well, but as well as humanly possible. Her judgement is impeccable and she demonstrates real, tangible leadership."

~Andrea Dolan Potter~